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Want to Live Somewhere Other Than the United States?
London Properties are a Great Opportunity to Move

Have you been tossing a move around in your head? Have you thought about living somewhere other than where youve been living? Do you want a full change of atmosphere? London Properties would be a great thing for you to check out.

Reasons You Should Move to London

There are numerous reasons for moving to London. People in financial, political, media, business, and commerce fields heavily concentrate London. There is a great diversity in events, attractions, and other activities. Some will move to London because the income is so much higher and London supplements it with a salary packet, which is used to offset the high cost of living. Another person will move to London because of the fantastic higher education campuses like Imperial College and University College among other colleges and universities.

Someone may wish to move to London for the great medical care that you receive in hospitals like Royal London Hospital, St. Bartholomew, and Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. A person who enjoys a rich culture and history may wish to move to London. Finally, someone may move to London because of the traditions of the place. That person could even visit Buckingham Palace and view the changing of the guards.

Travel Throughout and Away From London

In order to travel to and from London, there are numerous choices. You could take the Tube, which is the oldest underground railway that was built in 1863. There are still 260 active stations in use. You could use the train, bus, or motorway. If you wish to leave the country or want to travel to London then you could use the Airport in London, which is the third busiest airport in the entire world.

Activities and Attractions in London

  • The London Eye get a panoramic view of the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe
  • The Tower of London talk to the Beefeaters
  • The O2 Arena also known as the Millennium Dome, it is the top sports and concert venue
  • The West End - shopping in Oxford Street or Harrods and enjoy the theater as well as take in the entertainment at Covent Garden
  • Parliament - see verbal fisticuffs in the public gallery
  • Buckingham Palace part of the primary residence of the Queen and has been publicly opened
  • The Royal Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory at Greenwich study Britain's naval history as well as stand on the line that says zero longitude
  • Double take at the Tate a place for art lovers
  • Wembley Stadium football is played in this world famous stadium
  • Lords sports museum

Events in London

  • New Year Trafalgar Square is where you want to watch fireworks
  • The London Marathon Largest fundraiser in the world, happens annually and is a great sign of endurance
  • The Boat Race Every spring, Oxford challenges Cambridge on the Thames
  • Chelsea Flower Show - Each May, the Royal Horticultural Society presents a blue ribbon at this event
  • Wimbledon During midsummer, you will enjoy eating strawberries with cream while watching a tennis match
  • The Notting Hill Carnival Each August you will get a true taste of the Caribbean
  • The Six Nations Each autumn you will see the Rugby Union at Twickenham
  • The Lord Mayor's Show- Each November you will experience the very best history, pomp and pageantry
  • The Christmas lights- Each November, Oxford Street is the place to be for the Christmas lights to be turned on

If you are interested in purchasing London Properties then you need to visit an estate agent. There are over 800 in London alone. The main religion of London is the Church of England and the churches allowed are other Protestant denominations, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Sikh. The population in London in 2005 was 59,598,000. The average daily temperature of London is 50F.

London Properties are something you want to invest in if you ever feel you will be moving to London. This beautiful city has a lot going on and if you enjoy staying busy or relaxing, there is something for everyone who visits or moves in to this city.

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