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A Brief Look at Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire County Council's coat of arms shows a white swan tied in chains. This story is an ancient one and related to the Anglo-Saxon era, when swans were kept and bred in this County for the king's pleasure. The swan in chains depicts the swan is bound to the monarch; this ancient law still applies to wild swans in the UK even today. These coat of arms were first introduced by the Duke of Buckingham at the Battle of Agincourt.

Today Buckinghamshire stands distinctive, especially in the huge cities. Welsh drover families settled in north Bucks at the end of the 19th century and a large number of Londoners settled in Milton Keynes in the last quarter of the 20th century. Most people settled here come from different European Countries, Afro-Caribbean and Asian. A modern service-based economy exists at Buckinghamshire that also is a part of the Berkshire. In 2002 Oxfordshire NUTS-2 and Buckinghamshire region, were the seventh richest regions in the European Union.

Prosperity shines in the southern part of the county at London's commuter belt. This county has magnificently fertile agricultural lands, with lots of landed estates, especially those that belong to the Rothschild banking family of Britain of the 19th century. Also included are pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries e.g. furniture-making (initially these used to be centered at High Wycombe) and agricultural processing.

Here is a chart of direction of the market of regional gross value added for Buckinghamshire at recent basic prices published by the Office for National Statistics with its figures in millions of British Pounds Sterling, (£) not including GVA index.

According to a recent comprehensive national survey in Britain, Buckinghamshire had the best quality of life, best education results and had the highest life expectancy. World famous Pinewood Studios is located in this county.

Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, has four motorways, although two are on its borders: M1 motorway- serves Milton Keynes in the northern side and M4 motorway cuts through the south of the county. J7 in Bucks M25 motorway runs through Bucks and has just one junction (J16-interchange for the M40); M40 motorway passes over the southern side of the county and thus serves towns like Beaconsfield and High Wycombe. Also coming from the east into Buckinghamshire is the A41(M), which goes to Aston Clinton.

Four other significant 'A' roads also enter this county (from north to south): A4 is performing for Taplow in the very southern side; A5 serves Milton Keynes; A40 runs alongside M40 and goes through south Bucks and carries on to central London; A41 passes over the heart of the county and serves Aylesbury Traveling by roads from east to west and is excellent because of many commuter routes that leave London and go to the rest of the country. There is not a single major road that passes over directly from the south to the north of the county (e.g. from High Wycombe to Milton Keynes).

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